Monday, August 10, 2009

Kampar a dead city?

26/7/09- It's 3.30 in the morning. I woke up in pain, rushing to the washroom. I didn't know what had happened to me. This situation has been continuing for a week. Perhaps I ate too much fruit together with the whole bottle of yogurt last time. Lol! Clear out everything in the intestines. Hahax..
I find that many of my housemates haven't sleep, so I decide to join them. University life is full of freedom. Parents are not around, so youngsters can follow their own inclination. You'll see bunches of students hanging out at the mamak stall until late in the midnight, couples dating at the lake and friends talking loudly in the garden. (Well, once in awhile I join the “night shift” group too). Kampar may be known as a small town with no entertainment, but it never lacks of the merriness a city should have.
However, there’s a strange thing. The world seems woks opposite here. Night is full of people whereas morning until 2 something, it’s hard for you to see someone come out eating, especially on weekends. There’s several times which I have tried cycling around to look for a hawker stall that open for the breakfast.
My friends said that Kampar will be a dead town during the school break. Every student will go back to their hometown and we can hardly see the shadow of a person on the street. When that happens, a lot of crime will be generated. Is it true? Can Kampar be that scary? The city of silence that has no sign of living things… I have no idea. My imagination starts coming again with the image of zombies on my head.
Anyway, today is the 1st day that I learn to play the facebook games. Thanks to FY, who I refer as the “computer expert” for teaching me. It’s a lot of fun, chatting with my housemates the whole night. I miss my hometown Penang, but at the same time I like it here too. Kampar: my 2nd home.

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  1. 那你什么时候回来走走呢?