Sunday, May 3, 2009

Don't blame me for acting strange

About a week ago, some friends ask me why I suddenly delete all the things in my blog. Don't worry, I'm absolutely fine. Not insane. Not because of adding new members too. It just, well, I decide to start something new. New life, new school, new friends, new home. Haha! And perhaps new boyfriend too. Wahaha! just kidding. For all the friends in Penang and YR in Johor, don't worry, I'll never forget any of you. You'll always be the best on top of my list.
所谓:“ 往者不可谏,来者犹可追”, what I'm saying is to leave behind is the bad habits and sad memory. (Thx to PY and WC mentioning that to me so frequently in F2). To those who have ever hurt me, I offer forgiveness but I'll always take it as a lesson. To those whom I hurt, sorry and may your lives be blessed. Things have branched out into several paths this year, and I have crucial decision to be made.
First, education. As a former Science student, I cannot deny that I have a lot of passion in Science. But when I choose to further my studies in UTAR (Art stream), I doubt if I pick the correct choice. Most teachers encourage me to continue Science in F6, this has somehow moves me a little. It's the best way to become a doctor , isn't it? (More ridiculous, heart and brain surgeon)My dream since I'm young. Nevertheless, I started to wonder is it what I really want. Do I really like it? What do I need from that career? High salary? Highly respected authority? I don't know. Yeap, I'm kind of LOVE money. Everyone does. So what. Anyway, I begin to feel it isn't what I after when the principle tell me his story. (Thx to Mr. Khor, it's a big help). Quality of life! Yes. That's what I want. He wakes me up.
So I make up my mind to major in Accounting. I remember how I used to repel that subject. I never pass it in school exam, not above 50. It's a disgrace. No matter how many times I LOOK THROUGH the exercises, it wouldn't get close with my other grades. Bet you won't believe the result in SPM is A1. Hehe.. Paise ya, to all my classmates that wished me luck every time before my exams, (especially to angle WL), now you know why I always said it's tough but didn't tell any of you my marks. A month before SPM, I PRACTISE a lot, until I familiar with the technique. Only then did I discover, actually accounting can be very fun too. Perhaps that's what people say 兴趣是可以培养的。
I believe every career has its own successful point, just depends on the related person, whether he has the determination or not. To all students and friends that are still trapped in the mist, follow your heart and instinct, you will make your world one day.


  1. Wahaha.. 1st comment on your brand new blog(Can it be counted as new??).. Lolx.. Haha..

    Watever that is waiting for u in the future.. Face it with the strengths and courages u hav in urself..
    Solve it without fears and doubts..
    Listen to Yourself.. N Follow what your heart is telling you..
    Like always..
    Your atitude towards things n how you endure with it always impress me..
    So I believe.. U can survive through it all.. It's a new life.. N it's in your control..
    If n When.. U think u need a place to stop by or a person for advice.. Or a listener..
    My phone will always on.. JUSt 4 U..
    Wish for Your Sucess.. Gambateh..

    Brand new Bf?? Which's ur old one?? Hor.. Haha..
    Always Take care..

  2. Haha. God bless you thn. haha. I think i more or less decide to accept IPTA offer. For family's sake. Objective, faster graduate. Parents are getting old. haha.

  3. Ohya! Im as curious as any being in this world abt wat do u mean by new bf. haha. Anyway, Rmbr to tel me ar. haha. Must got brother's approval.

  4. What you said seems last words.. Gonna Go.. It's Touching..I Gonna Cry T.T..Miss You When You Go To Study In UTAR..Take care Angel..
    No matter what My angel's soul will always be with you..Any problem still can call me..sms me..anytime..24hours full service..^^
    be careful if staying hostel oh..
    take care always..

    May Angel Spirit Be With YOu

  5. To XuEYi:
    Hey, I like your comment ar. Y say I'll hit u leh? Make me susah susah prepare a stick nia. Mean you 心有屎 la (Cantonese)? Seok u kena hit. Haha! No la. Jk. I dunno u r so good at encouraging until I c ur comment. Thx. Vr useful. Abt d bf part, u noe wat I mean. Muz purposely "shoot" me like tis or not? Blek! Btw, u wan me hv so many bf meh? 受情伤 ar? Haha..

  6. Wakaka.. Wat "心有屎"la.. LolX.. Sedih SanGat.. Gt prepare stick somemore.. Aiyo..
    This is Called SurpriseSsSs ma..

    Hmm..I'm TALENTEd in giving Encourangement de la.. LolX.. “厚脸皮到要死hor”.. haHa..
    Not encouragement acutually..
    Is jus some words That Wanna say it to You..
    But u noe la.. Me mana can say it Out loud.. Face 2 face de.. 害羞maaa..

    Oh.. U said that one hor.. AiYo.. U dint introduce to me as Ur bf.. Lolx.. Dun say liao..
    Nanti other ppl see this.. InGat Apa.. Lolx
    Then I'll kena from You.. K la.. I help u to print flyers titled "Finding UTAR BF competition".. Wan?? Wakaka. Jus kidding lo..
    K la.. A bit too long.. Bye..

  7. Crystallia:
    It won't be wrong for my instinct to tell me that u r a bright student. U may not be the top in the class, but u r always the outstanding one. Believe in yourself and then u can suceed. Like ur pm says "If u breached d cith walls, d city is urs; if u take d 1st step, victory is urs". Hahax.. Dun blame me 4 copying. I just feel that it's vr meaningful. Write more abt this type of quote. I like it. If I hv a bf, sure I'll introduce u to him. Must pass him har.. LOL!

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